Engineering Athleticism

No pain, no gain? Not so, according to Firefly

Data is showing us more and more that recovery is just as important to an athlete’s performance as is the training. From the deep pockets of companies like Gatorade and PowerBar, nutrition and hydration are mainstream tools to help an athlete perform at their peak and minimize fatigue. Simple yet elusive, sleep has also now been put in the limelight as critical for both physical and mental performance. 

Then there is the dreaded ice bath or compression boots to specifically reduce the swelling and stiffness of DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness). Tell me there is an alternative. Anthony Kjenstad, founder of Athletic Recovery and Performance, has evidence to say that increasing blood flow via peroneal nerve stimulation is the new answer for DOMS and sport performance recovery. Derived from medical-grade technology for DVT prevention, accelerating wound healing, and reducing edema, Firefly effortlessly activates the natural blood pumps in the lower legs. 

Firefly has been proven across the methods of recovery measurement that are now in competition for the title of highest accuracy. Good work is being done in Australia to study this (@annesaw)

  • Subjective self-reporting such as RESTQ-S, DALDA, and POMS
  • Physiological measurements of creative kinase, inflammation, endocrine and immune response
  • Performance testing

Recovery science is gaining momentum, and I look forward to seeing collaborations between technology like this and workload tracking technology to further maximize sport performance and injury prevention! 

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